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We are a global network of people building a better Human Experience at the organizations where we work. Our network was formed to share ‘what works’ and to shape the future direction of EX. We are EX Heads and others doing People Analytics, Design Thinking, Journey Mapping, and creating Physical and Digital Workspace – in a variety of applications.

We meet live and virtually to learn from each other and go deeper into the disciplines of EX that drive a better workplace experience and better CX. We share our EX stories, learn new skills, share new tech, get inspired by what others are doing and co-create ‘what’s next’ for EX.

Our goal is threefold

To promote the development of EX as a new discipline and sustainable way of working – across all the functions that touch EX – discovering where and how people enjoy and do their best work in your business context.

To develop this generation of new EX leaders – people who have never done this role before, learning from EX Pioneers and acquiring expertise in Design Thinking, Agile/Scrum/Sprint, Behavior Science, Analytics, Journey Mapping, etc.

To help companies achieve faster growth, more profit, and become disruptive, using EX and CX to transform your culture and business model, and develop new ways of working.


Transformative journeys

BP started its work on employee experience in parallel with a major HR transformation program. Olivier Dubuisson and his team created a Voice of the Customer group, comprised of 300 people across BP. They did shadowing, interviews and one-on-one meetings to extract information. Out of that information, they created personas and identified 16 journeys. The new joiner experience at BP ensures employee touch-points with various departments are seamless throughout their first steps, enabling a successful start.


Unlocking key talent

Few know that the Virgin Group comprises circa 60 distinct companies. All bear the Virgin brand but are quite different and independent beneath the surface. Amy Sawbridge and her team asked people what attracted them to come to work for Virgin, mapping out the end-to-end employee journey. They then considered the current experience employees had at each touchpoint, where to up their game, identifying the moments that mattered and where there was opportunity to really bring the Virgin employer brand to life.


Raise Productivity

GE recognized that EX was a pathway to improving productivity and getting the best out of their people. Paul Davies, GE’s Head of EX, spent his first 100 days visiting other companies e.g. Airbnb, Disney, Deloitte and Brooklyn Navy Yards, and saw that everyone is doing EX differently, according to what makes sense for them. At GE, they focused on designing the digital and physical space as well as the Culture, putting the employees at the center of what the company does.

IBM def logo ex

Personalization to Scale

Tom Stachura is IBM’s Head of Workforce Strategy and People Analytics. Tom has used Analytics the past 2 years to build insights around 3 main personas (IBM’er, Manager and Upline) and drive ‘Personalization to Scale’. The key question was, ‘How to give our 35K managers visibility of the data they need to make their own key decisions that could drive the strategy?’ Tom helped identify key kinds of people at risk for leaving and give managers decision data to help them retain top talent.


New HR operating model

Frank van den Brink is an EX Pioneer since April 2017. Frank and his team have used insights from EX and CX to do away with traditional HR and build a new operating model, based on personas and the Employee Journeys. They engage in deep employee research and continuous listening and identifying moments that matter. They have built agile teams doing 2-4 week sprints, with Digital and Data capabilities to prototype employee journeys.

Scaling Culture for growth

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky was adamant about scaling their Culture. In 2016, when new EX Head Mark Levy brought together the groups touching Culture (Recruiting, Events, Facilities, Real Estate, Design, etc.) to create an End-to-End journey for employees as they had done for customers, Brian was ecstatic because ‘it wasn’t HR!’ Airbnb has used EX to change the way they interview, to judge whether someone is joining for the right reason, assessing how they fit with Airbnb values and their approach to life and work.

EX Leader Network offerings include

As global leaders in EX Research & Consulting, we have interviewed dozens of EX Heads to understand their development needs and where they need support. Our EX Leaders Network offerings are a response to requests from EX Leaders like yourself, and in the spirit of Design Thinking, we will continue to create new offerings and research based on your insights and input.

Connecting you with other leaders

We meet many EX leaders every month. Chances are, someone we know is a few steps ahead of you in solving similar problems. We’re happy to make an introduction and facilitate a conversation on a topic important to you. 

1-day regional EX Leader Network events

Our events are interactive learning workshops featuring top EX practitioners, mixed with small group discussion, learning activities and co-creation vs. listening to endless presentations. We choose speakers from our research who represent the best in human-centered EX.


We bring to you EX practitioners across the spectrum of CX, Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking, Agile Methodology, cutting-edge Digital EX, etc. who have transformed their business culture. We like to showcase great EX across industries and geographies.

Half-Day workshops

EX is about a new way of thinking and working, starting at the top. We bring our research, case studies and stories on the Future of Work, EX/CX foundations, and interactive learning workshops to your Executive, HR or other functional leadership teams, adapting to your needs. 

2 Day HR Off-site

We give your HR colleagues an immersive experience with EX, by mapping journeys on their own Moments that Matter (MTM’s), helping them select one to make a Wow! MTM in a Hackathon and in a Design Sprint simulation, creating a working prototype of their Wow! MTM.

2 Day Bootcamp

We help your EX team build critical skills for creating great EX and Wow! MTM’s, starting with pre-work Empathy exercises, creating personas and journey maps. In a 2-day workshop, we validate those maps, and ideate and create prototypes, learning agile methods along the way. 

1-1 Coaching

We have a good understanding of your challenges and what it takes to engage others in your organization and how to deliver results. We help you assess your learning needs and design your own coaching roadmap, and coach you at various stages of creating EX. 

EX Mastery Certification Program

Our online learning takes you through ‘EX Pillars’ including Behavior Science and what motivates us, how to use Design Thinking and Agile frameworks, how to create personas, map journeys, develop human-centered digital tools and business-driven Analytics – all based on real-life cases.

Coming in 2020

EX Resources

You have access to our 3 years of case studies and surveys and articles, plus research and articles from a wealth of other sources on CX, EX, Analytics, Journey Mapping, Agile frameworks, etc. Consulting clients will have access to our EX toolkit.

Building an EX-Centric Organization

The 2019 EX Report is now available!

KennedyFitch completed at an EX Study in 2017 of 200+ global companies, plus interviews of EX Pioneers e.g. AirBnB, GE, ING, LearnVest and others, as well as secondary research. EX is an exciting, new and revolutionary concept, and we want to share what we have discovered and help companies design EX for their organizations. You can download the full report below – Building an EX-Centric Organization, with deep insights of critical EX concepts and a Playbook for how you can design it in your own organization. If you would like to tell your organization’s EX story and participate in our next EX research, please contact us – info@exleadersnetwork.com

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