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We are a global network of people building a better Human Experience at the organizations where we work. Our network was formed to share ‘what works’ and to shape the future direction of EX. We are EX Heads and others doing People Analytics, Design Thinking, Journey Mapping, and creating Physical and Digital Workspace – in a variety of applications.

We meet live and virtually to learn from each other and go deeper into the disciplines of EX that drive a better workplace experience and better CX. We share our EX stories, learn new skills, share new tech, get inspired by what others are doing and co-create ‘what’s next’ for EX.

Most EX Heads are doing their role for the first time. Both new and more seasoned EX Heads express a strong desire to meet others with their same role, and learn how they are building EX in their organizations. We invite you to join our global Employee Experience (EX) Leaders Network – a group of founding EX-Pioneers and EX Leaders from across industries and geographies – and together let’s promote and shape EX.

The EX Leaders Network is a Kennedyfitch initiative.

Our goal is threefold

To promote the development of EX as a new discipline and sustainable way of working – across all the functions that touch EX – discovering where and how people enjoy and do their best work in your business context.

To develop this generation of new EX leaders – people who have never done this role before, learning from EX Pioneers and acquiring expertise in Design Thinking, Agile/Scrum/Sprint, Behavior Science, Analytics, Journey Mapping, etc.

To help companies achieve faster growth, more profit, and become disruptive, using EX and CX to transform your culture and business model, and develop new ways of working.

Scaling Culture for growth

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky was adamant about scaling their Culture. In 2016, when new EX Head Mark Levy brought together the groups touching Culture (Recruiting, Events, Facilities, Real Estate, Design, etc.) to create an End-to-End journey for employees as they had done for customers, Brian was ecstatic because ‘it wasn’t HR!’ Airbnb has used EX to change the way they interview, to judge whether someone is joining for the right reason, assessing how they fit with Airbnb values and their approach to life and work.


Raise Productivity

GE recognized that EX was a pathway to improving productivity and getting the best out of their people. Paul Davies, GE’s Head of EX, spent his first 100 days visiting other companies e.g. Airbnb, Disney, Deloitte and Brooklyn Navy Yards, and saw that everyone is doing EX differently, according to what makes sense for them. At GE, they focused on designing the digital and physical space as well as the Culture, putting the employees at the center of what the company does.

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Personalization to Scale

Tom Stachura is IBM’s Head of Workforce Strategy and People Analytics. Tom has used Analytics the past 2 years to build insights around 3 main personas (IBM’er, Manager and Upline) and drive ‘Personalization to Scale’. The key question was, ‘How to give our 35K managers visibility of the data they need to make their own key decisions that could drive the strategy?’ Tom helped identify key kinds of people at risk for leaving and give managers decision data to help them retain top talent.

EX Leader Network offerings include

As global leaders in EX Research & Consulting, we have interviewed dozens of EX Heads to understand their development needs and where they need support. Our EX Leaders Network offerings are a response to requests from EX Leaders like yourself, and in the spirit of Design Thinking, we will continue to create new offerings and research based on your insights and input.

Networking Events

Annual EX Leaders Networking events, with subject experts and top practitioners in CX/EX, Analytics, Design Thinking, sharing of EX cases and examples, group discussions to shape the future of EX.

June 26, 2019 – Amsterdam


Quarterly webinars with CX/EX thought leaders & practitioners; hear the latest research & innovative approaches, share best practices.

EX Bootcamp

2-day EX Bootcamp for your organization – whether you are new to EX or already established, we help your leaders & team learn and practice new applications of Design Thinking, Analytics & Behavior Science, and create a plan for Transformation.

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EX Bootcamp

Day 1 – Understanding EX Building Blocks

9-10AM: The Future of Work and the origins of CX and EX; how this is different from how we work today.

10-12PM: Design Thinking – we take you through a quick tour of a Design Thinking workshop, with the latest design ideas, using an actual case (pre-work given beforehand), with an Empathy Map, Personas, As-is Journey and touch points; reflection on design principles of a successful workshop.

1-3PM: Journey Mapping – We learn about Journey Mapping, share examples and latest research on how to create most positive journeys, and apply that to our as-is journeys to make them most positive and EPIC.

3-5PM: Prototyping – We go through the steps to translate what we’ve created in the journeys and personas into prototype new processes, how to test and measure, new and faster approaches e.g. Agile and Sprint teams; we discuss the implications for how the organization can ideally support the new way of working, what needs to change and how to ensure sustainability.

Evening option 1 – Organizations often use Hackathons as a way of rapid and mass prototyping. We continue our case into a live Hackathon and learn how and where to facilitate a Hackathon.
Evening option 2 – We help you create new feedback tools to ensure ongoing 2-way communication and build deeper insights into EX drivers


Day 2 – EX Skills Integration and Application or Culture Transformation

Option A: We run a Design Thinking and Journey Mapping Workshop with an actual EX Target Group and help you integrate and apply what was learned in Day 1 e.g. a workshop with new joiners to build an Onboarding Journey.
Option B: We take you through the steps of an EX-based Culture Transformation, adapted to where you are in implementing EX. For more advanced EX companies, this can focus on creating an Agile Organization and new CX/EX-centric business model. Can include How to Shift Mindset, Listen Deeply and Analyze Insights, co-creating with you an implementation plan for how to gather and analyze initial insights to inform your transformation

EX career development

One-on-one and peer coaching on EX mindset, knowledge and capabilities, participate in our interactive content and shape a course that fits your needs

Content access

Access to new KennedyFitch EX-Centric Organizations website – primary research on EX hot topics, top digital tools, Nano learning on all things EX, TED talks, YouTubes and secondary research on CX, Analytics, Hackathons, Agile/Sprint, etc.

EXLN Slack & Social

We offer a number of Slack channels and LinkedIn groups where you can interact, get and share knowledge with other EX Leaders and their teams on topics relevant to EX in your organization.

Building an EX-Centric Organization

The 2019 EX Report is now available!

KennedyFitch completed at an EX Study in 2017 of 200+ global companies, plus interviews of EX Pioneers e.g. AirBnB, GE, ING, LearnVest and others, as well as secondary research. EX is an exciting, new and revolutionary concept, and we want to share what we have discovered and help companies design EX for their organizations. You can download the full report below – Building an EX-Centric Organization, with deep insights of critical EX concepts and a Playbook for how you can design it in your own organization. If you would like to tell your organization’s EX story and participate in our next EX research, please contact us – info@exleadersnetwork.com

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