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Most EX Leaders are doing their role for the very first time and most have started in the past 24 months. Even EX ‘Pioneers’ are looking for ‘What’s Next for EX?’. We formed this network at the request of EX Leaders who want to meet and learn from one another, share ‘what works’, and co-create and shape EX to emphasize the Human Experience. Most conferences feature one-way presentations. You sit and listen. Our events are designed to engage and maximize the learning from everyone present, with topics across the rich spectrum of EX.

We invite all EX and CX leaders and those who do People Analytics, Design Thinking, Journey Mapping, Physical and Digital Workspace, Agile methodology, as well as those who design People processes that benefit from EX e.g. Talent Acquisition, Learning, Performance Management, etc.

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EX Playbook Workshop

What are the steps and new methodologies companies are using to create powerful Employee Experience? Come join us for the EX Playbook Workshop and learn about the foundations of EX, what’s next for EX in 2020, and learn firsthand how EX frameworks and tools from Design Thinking and Agile work in practice and share new ideas in a fun interactive workshop with your peers.

EX is shaping the way we think about for People Strategy, new capabilities, org structures, processes and ways of working. Because EX is about putting humans in the center of how organizations work at their best, we want to share with you a structured framework for creating an EX-centric organization (see below) and an understanding of EX ‘pillars’ and tools.

This is not an information session but an active experiential learning session, where we will learn how to build personas, map journeys and do design sprints and work in Agile teams. We will discuss how to integrate and lead Employee Experience as part of your next (or current) leadership role.


June 2, 2020 – Detroit
June 4, 2020 – New York

Time: Our day begins with coffee & light breakfast at 8:30AM and goes to 5:00PM.

Workshop agenda:
08:30 – Networking, Coffee & light breakfast
09:00 – Origins & pillars of EX/CX, Design Thinking, Service Design, Analytics, Agile, etc. Step-by-step guide to an EX Transformation:
09:30 – Explore & Sense Making, creating Personas
10:30 – Empathize & Define, Journey Mapping to identify Moments that Matter
12:00 – Lunch
12:30 – Working in Agile Teams to create new Prototype ‘products’ and Wow! Moments that Matter
04:00 – The new HR Organization & capabilities, How & Where to start?
05:00 – Finish

The ‘EX Playbook’ Workshop will be delivered by Elliott Nelson, founder of the EX Leaders Network and head of the EX Practice at KennedyFitch. Elliott researches, writes & consults on EX. You can download our latest study ‘What’s Next for EX in 2020’ here.

The ‘EX Playbook’ Workshop is co-sponsored by Challenger, Gray & Christmas and the EX Leaders Network, and will be delivered by Elliott Nelson