Past Webinars

What Makes a Great Journey Map?

Speaker: Jim Kalbach
Date: 07-03-2019

Journey Mapping is one of the ‘5 Pillars’ of EX and encompasses several key disciplines of EX and CX. Join author and thought leader Jim Kalbach as he illustrates how maps are being used in overall user experience, and key points for how to create a great map.

EX and the Physical Workspace

Speaker: Alan McGinty, Senior Director Global Workspace Innovation Group at Cisco Systems
Date: 10-01-2019

Cisco is globally recognized for creating amazing physical work spaces. Alan McGinty, head of Cisco’s Workplace Innovation Group, recently shared their story for our new publication Creating the EX-Centric Workplace, coming on Jan. 7th. Join us for a webinar on Jan. 10th to hear Alan tell about Cisco’s Workplace Transformation strategy and what they have learned in the past decade. He will share how their transformation has increased productivity and engagement, helped Cisco attract top talent, and saved millions on their portfolio, and much more.

EX Brand and Employee Advocacy

Date: 13-12-2018

How can you build a brand experience so that your people will promote you to customers and top talent? How can you ensure that the brand image you want to project is the one that people experience? What tools and metrics can you use to build and measure Employee Advocacy?

EX Research

Speaker: Jason Ashlock, Head of CX & EX Kuehne & Nagel
Date: 04-10-2018

We kick off our network in this webinar with Jason Ashlock, Head of CX & EX at Kuehne+Nagel, one of our EX Leader Network Board Members, and share the findings of our latest EX research of what EX companies are doing at various stages of EX, and our EXLN offerings for 2018-19.

Upcoming Webinars

Thursday, October 3, 2019

EX and Culture
Speaker: Nawal Fakhoury, LinkedIn

Thursday, November 7, 2019

EX and Analytics
Speaker: Patrick Coolen, ABN AMRO

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Global EX Study
Speaker: Elliott Nelson, KennedyFitch